Data Sharing

Instructional Technology Data Sharing Clearinghouse

M-DCPS understand that parents have a right to know how their child’s personal information (PII) is being collected, used, and shared. That’s why M-DCPS is committed to providing transparency and visibility into our data practices.  When the District collects PII from students, it does so only for educational purposes. The District never sells or shares PII with third-party companies for marketing or advertising purposes.  M-DCPS believes that parents should have the opportunity to review its data practices. If you have any questions about how the District collects, uses, or shares PII, please contact us at

How Data is Being Used

  • PII data from students, such as names, addresses, email addresses, and student identification numbers is being consumed by the third-party educational software provider, as authorized, to provide students and parents with personalized educational experiences, track student progress, and/or improve the software. This provider is required to comply with federal and state privacy laws, such as FERPA and COPPA, which restrict how PII data can be collected, used, and shared.

When & How Data will be Destroyed

  • At any time during the term of the agreement between the School Board & the third-party educational software provider, at the School Board’s written request or upon the termination or expiration of the agreement for any reason, the vendor shall, and shall instruct all authorized persons to, promptly return to the School Board all copies, whether in written, electronic or other form or media, of personal information in its possession or the possession of such authorized persons and securely dispose of all such copies, and certify in writing to the School Board that such personal information has been returned to School Board and disposed of securely. Company shall comply with all directions provided by School Board with respect to the return and disposal of personal information. Data will be securely erased from any media once that media is no longer in use by termination of the agreement or by disuse of equipment. All equipment which contains or has contained School Board data must be securely erased prior to disposal. Secure erasure will be deemed the deletion of the data using a single pass overwrite Secure Erase (Windows) or Wipe (Unix).