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Ensuring that school librarians create and maintain quality library programs that foster the love of reading and the effective use of ideas and information by both students and faculty.


Collection Development

Collection Development is the process of curating age-appropriate materials using several selection criteria. Part of the process is also identifying materials that need to be weeded. Understanding the Collection Development process will help you maintain your collection, from selection, acquisition to discarding. The Cataloging Print Copies and Cataloging Equipment will show you how to easily and properly add print or equipment copies to your Destiny catalog.

The MARC Record Request allows you to request titles to be added to the catalog, if no other school has it in the district. M-DCPS follows the CREW Weeding Method to help us properly identify materials to be discarded. The Discarding Materials document explains the process we follow to properly discard materials from the Destiny system and remove them from the site.

Professional Development

Check here for upcoming professional development dates, in-service presentations and follow up activity links and/or documents. Registration for all courses must be completed using My Learning Plan. If you are unable to log into My Learning Plan from the Portal, or can not register for a session, please contact your PD Liaison or Micro Systems Technician (MST).

No walk-in registrations are allowed.

All registrants are placed on the Wait List until we are able to verify that the registrant is assigned to the media center. My Learning Plan does not notify the registrant when they are moved from the Waiting List to In-Progress. Registrants can check their registration status by logging into My Learning Plan.

If you have registered for a session and are unable to attend, please unregister at least one day prior. If Master Plan Points (MPP) are offered, it is the registrants responsibility to complete the assignments and evaluation on time in order to be granted MPP. The following are possible session statuses and the corresponding PD result:

  • Assignments completed – Attendance Confirmed
  • Attended session but assignments not completed – Denied
  • Registered but did not unregister and didn’t show – No Show


  • The Destiny Access Request form allows library administrators to request administrative access to the Destiny circulation and catalog system.
  • The Destiny Mark Lost/Check-in form allows library administrators to request Library Media Services (LMS) to mark an item lost or check it in at another site.
  • The Monthly Program Report gives library administrators a way to provide regular status updates on their library program.
  • The MARC Record Request allows library administrators to request titles, not currently found in the catalog, to be added to the catalog, once approved.
  • The Recap form is an example of the form to be used whenever money is collected from students for overdue fines, lost or damaged materials, or other fines/fees.
  • The Request to Pick-up Obsolete Materials form will help facilitate the removal of obsolete library materials and equipment. (updating)


Maintaining a physical inventory is an important record-keeping function that establishes the status of your collection. Knowing what is currently available in our libraries is essential for our patrons as well as community members. Completing a full inventory is the only way to efficiently reconcile the electronic patron catalog with physical holdings. It also helps identify items that have been misplaced, marked lost, checked out, or are in need or be repair or weeding.

Each year, Library Media Services requires all staffed media centers to perform a full physical inventory and submit the Annual Media Center Statistics Report. The physical inventory should be performed at the beginning of the year when time allows. However, in order to capture most of the year’s library activities, the annual report is not due until May 24, at the end of the school year.

Please review the report form to become familiar with the information required. If it cannot be completed in a single session, or changes are required, it can be saved, updated, and completed later.

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