Software Integration Requests

Software & Data Sharing Agreements

In order for software to be incorporated into the fleet of options available to teachers and students at Miami-Dade County Public Schools, various documents must be provided.  Once properly filed, a member of the Innovation team will reach out to vendors to complete the implementation phase of the integration.  Departments interested in incorporating new software, must gather the following documents:


  1. Certificate of Insurance (COI – see below)

  2. Vendor Quote (Must Match DSA & Term of Agreement Dates)

  3. Parked ERP Shopping Cart (District staff will provide this document)

  4. Software Agreement (SA)

    1. On Page 1 of SA. 3. Compensation: Leave Blank
    2. On Page 2 of SA. With a copy to: Innovation and School Choice, Assistant Superintendent, 1501 N.E. Second, Avenue, Suite 337, Miami, Florida 33132
  5. Data Sharing Agreement (DSA)

    On Page 1 of DSA. Term of Agreement – Dates:

    Three year: July 1, 202x – June 30, 202(x+3) for Software agreements

    Five year: July 1, 202x – June 30, 202(x+5) for e-Textbook Adoptions.

  6. Name, Title, and Email Address of the vendor’s CEO or designee who will be responsible for signing the agreements.

  7. Corporate Resolution or document demonstrating Board Resolution showing the signatory’s authority to bind the vendor in contract if someone other than the CEO is signing.

  8. Certificate of Good Standing from the company if the corporation is not Active and in Good Standing on

  9. Confirmation that vendor provides SSO through Clever

  10. Confirmation that vendor provides Rostering through Clever


All of the aforementioned are required in order to do business with our district moving forward. 

Any deviations from the boiler plate data sharing agreement or the boiler plate software agreement will require negotiations between legal counsels and an executed waiver authorized by the Superintendent/designee.  Deviations from the boiler plate language will result in delays.

All documents will be routed & executed via Adobe Sign. 

Software Agreements and Data Sharing Agreements should NOT be signed by vendors and attached to this request.  If vendors agree to the terms of the boiler plate agreements linked above, they will be routed via Adobe sign for signatures directly to the Vendor.  If deviations to the boiler plates are necessary (which will dramatically delay execution), negotiated terms will be furnished directly to the Innovation & School Choice office after negotiations are complete between legal counsels.

When submitting an Integration Request, please ensure to provide the email address of the signer that should receive the document via Adobe Sign to execute the document as well as contact information for the vendor’s representative that is furnishing the quote.

Vendors will need to secure and furnish a COI that names The School Board of Miami-Dade County, FL (1501 NE 2nd Avenue, Miami, FL 33132) as the certificate holder and demonstrates Cyber Liability protection with at least a $1,000,000 coverage and a policy expiration date that extends through the life of the agreement (end of the school year in single or multi-year agreements).

If the COI expiration date is prior to the end of the academic year (service end date of June 30), an accompanying statement of assurance must be provided and signed by the company CEO assuring the District will be in receipt of the COI renewal that will carry the coverage over through the life of the agreement prior to the expiration of the current COI.