Request an App Review

Submitting an App Review Request

The following link is to be used by school-site principals only to request an App Review by District Staff.  Prior to proceeding with purchasing any software for a school, principals must evaluate if:

  1. there are terms/agreements associated with the purchase;
  2. if any type of personally-identifiable data such as student name, student ID, phone numbers, emails, etc. will be shared with the software vendor; and
  3. the software platform meets all statutory requirements set forth by the state of Florida regarding educational content and age appropriateness for the intended grade level(s).

Schools will need to request that applications they are interested in purchasing be reviewed. Reviews may take up to 6 weeks. Once approved, the District will begin routing all contractual and data sharing documents for approval. Schools will be notified once approvals have been secured.

Schools must upload:

  1. Quotes/Contracts/Agreements provided by vendors.
  2. Attestations from vendors on company letterhead that all educational content contained within the application complies with Florida Statutes regarding educational content and age appropriateness.

NOTE: Only principals may make this request. Requests made by other employees will be rejected.

If the use of an app is approved by the Office of Academics & Transformation, principals will be notified.  Thereafter, the Office of Innovation & School Choice will begin securing Software & Data Protection Agreements for the identified vendor.  Only those school sites for which requests for review have been submitted will be eligible to utilize the approved software.